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MessageMe App: The Good and Bad

MessageMe is a new mobile free messaging app. It comes with a lot of visual features and personalization. Through MessageMe app, people are able to send SMS text messages and make voice calls to their friends for free using WiFi and the phone’s data plan.

Sounds good, isn’t it? But wait … there are a lot of rumor going around that say when you receive an SMS from MessageMe, and you click the link, the same SMS will be sent out to ALL your contacts stored in your mobile phone.

WOW ….. what does it means?

Imagine if you have over 1000 contacts in your mobile phone …. it means over 1000 SMS will be sent from your mobile phone to all your contact … at the end you may incurred HUGE phone bill to pay those SMS … so be careful before clicking to any link

Also, a lot of people complaining that they are receiving a call from +375602605281, +37127913091 or any number starting with a +375, or +371 number. So please, don’t answer or call back, or you will be charged of International call, which most likely will be very costly.

A lot of rumor over the internet said that, if you call back, they will be able to steal your information store in your phone, but I believe this is an HOAX (See this:

Finally, it is up to you to decide … you also can review other people comment on iTunes here:

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What will “iphone 5S” or “the new iPhone” look alike?

With much controversy of longer iPhone 5 (instead of wider), I think Apple won’t make “the new iPhone” keep longer and longer. So, what will the Apple do in order to make “the new iPhone” able to put more content (as what they told us when releasing iPhone5) into their screen?

It’s easy, I think they will remove the “home” button and keep the screen as per now (iPhone 5) or back to the original design of iphone 4/4S. We knew that since iOS5, Apple had introduced what they called as “Assistive Touch”. Is it a sign that Apple actually doing some research on-screen “home” button/gesture? Or Apple actually had done some research that  their “home” button is easy to be broken. So they are going to remove it soon

Well, some people will argue that “home” button is still needed for recovery mode. If that so, Apple still able to provide another “reset” button on the left side (just below the volume button), or use the volume button to trigger recover mode, or create another button on the right side. or just create a pin-hole “reset” button at the bottom next to their new USB charger connector (that probably also one of the reason why they make the USB connector smaller now 😛 )

However, if Apple really going to throw away their “home” button, the more interesting question here, will Samsung sue them because of copyright design of no “home” button?

Well, let’s see in the couple of months, what will “the new iPhone” look a like?

Also,  last not least, will they named it “iPhone 5S” or “the new iPhone”? I think “the new iPhone” will be more suitable if they remove the “home” button design …